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Massimiliano Sartore built the Ares app as an Open Source application. This Application is provided by Massimiliano Sartore at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use my Application.

The Ares app does not collect or share any personal information. It uses internet access for file transfer purposes only and does not communicate with any outside services. If you choose to use my Application, you agree to the use of information in relation to this policy.

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Changes to the Policy

If the Policy changes, the modification date below will be updated. The Policy may change from time to time, so please be sure to check back periodically.

Last modified: 15 June, 2023.

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If you have any questions or suggestions about my Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].